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IMPACKT ✘ Affiliate Program

"A competition to be the best will make everyone around you do better" - Barry Panick (CEO & Founder)

Impackt is all about providing the best experience through our athletic wear, support team, and community. As a brand, our community and support system are the core foundations of how we operate and grow. Our success is achieved through the hard-work and dedication of our staff as well as listening to what our customers have to say. We are expanding rapidly and have many new opportunities for those looking to join our brand today.

Investment, growth, and support are the three key points Impackt emphasizes to each member of our community. We are about giving back and providing you with the best opportunities for success. If you have an optimistic and driven mindset then The IMPACKT Brand is the place for you.

Our Program

We are constantly looking for motivated individuals who want to be a part of a community of like-minded individuals. A community dedicated to helping you grow as an individual, and as a team. We provide a vast support system and engagement community through a myriad of social platforms ( i.e. Instagram, Discord, Twitter, Twitch, Snapchat, etc. ). These platforms are how we engage with each-other daily. Additionally, affiliate expectations, tasks, and mentorship will be provided to you once you have access to our discord platform and have completed the entry requirements.

Our program not only provides you with real long term growth opportunities and experiences, but also allows us to give back what you have invested. IMPACKT is much more than a brand. We are dedicated to teaching you about the 3 most important aspects of your life, your mental health, physical health, and financial health. Our program also includes many giveaways, lifetime discounts, incentives based on performance, and many more explained in the section below. All we ask from you is to spread the word, promote our products to your community, and represent us and what we stand for.

Special Notes:

  • We encourage you to invite friends and family to join our program with you! Thus said, if you successfully have someone join with you, there will be special incentives provided to you upon your application approval.
  • You must be 15+ with parents consent to become an Affiliate.
  • You must be 18+ to become an Athlete.

Affiliate & Athlete Benefits

The Impackt Brand offers a myriad of incentives, growth opportunities, and much more. Below please find a short list of the many benefits you will be provided with once accepted into our program:

  • Their own lifetime 10% discount code to use as well as one to give their friends/followers
  • Additional online discounts to our store (including up to 60% our products)
  • Commission on every sale after first 2 sales.
  • SELECT AFFILIATES ONLY: A free set of merch in any size with each release
  • SELECT ATHLETES ONLY: Tailored merch from every release
  • SELECT AFFILIATES & ATHLETES ONLY: Social media marketing through @theimpacktbrand social platforms
  • Plus More *

Have Any Questions?

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